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Hello Gorgeous,

It's been almost a month since I received my new Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE and the experience with this smartphone has been amazing.
I am constantly hopping around and inviting friends to try their hands on my Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE and even converted some of them who are non-Android lovers to a Samsung user! LOL! 
I am still very impressed by the battery life of the GALAXY S5 LTE as it really last me throughout the entire day.
Don't you just hate being stuck in a situation whereby you are desperate to find a place with a socket to charge your phone or the hassle of bringing out your ginormous portable charger?

The Ultra Power Saving Mode really saves life! LOL! It did for me!
The Ultra Power Saving Mode will turn on only 6 apps (to conserve that last few percentage of battery life). Default is Phone Calls, Messages and Internet. I can choose the other 3 apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google+, LINE, Calculator, Clork, Memo, Voice Recorder and Chat On. The sad part is camera cannot be used in this mode =( 
I've found out something interesting about my Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE last week.

Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE has this function called "Download Booster".
Download booster uses the LTE and Wi-Fi simultaneously to give an unrivaled download speed. In a nutshell, Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE download booster combines the Wi-Fi connection and 4G connection to finish one download task.  The combined speed is faster than WiFi only or 4G LTE only! 
However, download booster is for downloading files only. It is not for streaming of YouTube videos etc. So, for streaming, Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE will use WiFi only if WiFi connection is established, or mobile data only if WiFi connection is not available. In most cases, WiFi or LTE itself is sufficient for streaming services. When download booster is enabled in Samsung GALAXY S5 , both LTE connection and WiFi connection for the single file downloading. Samsung asserts that turning on the LTE and Wi-Fi together will give approximately 80~90% of the added network speed of LTE and Wi-Fi. 
For example, if I'm using Wi-Fi only to download the file, the speed is 10MB/s. With LTE only, it is 5MB only. Now if I use Samsung GALAXY S5 download booster, I may get a speed of 30MB/s.

How awesome is this? 
I am the King of Impatience. I buay tahan camping by my phone to wait for my files to be downloaded. Even a second feels like years! LOL.

So, the download booster would really save time!

S5 is also water and dust resistance too.

If you've read my previous blogpost, I've stated that the rubber-sealed design helps to keep dust particles and protect against water for up to 30 minutes under water that is 1 metre deep.   

Check out how I tested it with my toilet bowl! LOL!

My Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE is still working fine!So no worries that your phone will die when you drop it in the toilet bowl anymore! YAY! 

Worry that someone will view your files maliciously?

You can put your mind at ease with the S5 Private Mode!

Private Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a convenient way to hide files you don't want seen by others, without the need for any third-party apps. When you're in Private Mode, all your photos, videos, and other files will be viewable. Exit Private Mode and hand your phone to somebody else. You can rest assured they can't see any of your hidden files, unless they know your code or unlock pattern.
Here's how to set up Private Mode on the Galaxy S5 and get started with it:
  1. Swipe down from the top of any screen on your Samsung Galaxy S5 using two fingers.
  2. Now tap on Private Mode from the list of icons.
  3. The first time you enter Private Mode, you'll be given a short walkthrough as well as be asked to enter a pin code. This only happens the first time you enable Private Mode.
Keep in mind you'll need the pin you set up for Private Mode each time you enter it. 
Be sure you pick something you can easily remember.

Have you heard of the GALAXY Life app?
It's a mobile app that aims to be one-stop platform for its customers to experience the latest trends. With this app, Samsung users can join a community that will allow them to receive “personalized, curated and exclusive content optimized especially for their devices.”
Once downloaded, GALAXY Life users will be able to take advantage of many discounts and experiences offered by the partners that have signed on for this app. To date, there are already 50 partners, including companies like Easy Taxi, Escape Room, myBurgerLab, and many others. Of course, it isn't all about the discounts. With GALAXY Life, users can stay abreast with the latest events being held by these partners.
To make it easier to browse through the multitude of content on this app, there are seven categories – Live; Entertain; Learn; Play; Connect; Work; and Surprise. Content for these categories will be constantly updated by a group of experts
GALAXY Life is available for anyone using a Samsung GALAXY smartphone, tablet or camera running Android 4.1 and above. 
It is available for free on the Google Play Store. 
Currently my favourite promotion is the Pastamania Complimentary Combo C!!! LOL!!! #pastamaniaaddict 
I can now enjoy a complimentary combo c (soft drink + garlic bread) with any purchase of a tomato category pasta!
The sad part is I've to redeem it an hour within activation!
So the trick is to use it while you're in the restaurant!
Lastly, I would like to share this awesome function called "Smart Switch".

The Smart Switch function helps in wirelessly moving my contacts, photos, calendar, messages, device settings and more to my new GALAXY device!

 Transferring from iPhone:
Smart Switch Mobile supports wireless content transfer directly from iCloud. To transfer, make sure to back up to iCloud on your iOS® device (4.2.1 and higher) and then log-in to iCloud on the Smart Switch Mobile app using your Apple ID.
Content transfer options via iCloud include contacts, calendar, photos, memos, call logs, alarms, bookmarks and Wi-Fi settings [note: music and video transfer is supported via iTunes®].
iTunes: Don’t have an iCloud account or want to transfer message, music and video? Use Smart Switch PC/Mac to transfer content via iTunes. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to turn off iMessage® on all iOS devices tied to your Apple ID to avoid any disruptions of your text messages.
 Transferring from Android devices:
Android to GALAXY transfer works by pairing your old GALAXY or other Android with your new GALAXY through an audio signal and transferring content directly device-to-device (see supported devices below). Please follow these steps:
1. Download Smart Switch Mobile on both devices
2. Bring the devices within 10cm (4 inches) of each other
3. Open Smart Switch Mobile on both devices and select “Android to Galaxy”
4. Select content and press “Transfer” on the old device
5. Hit “OK” to accept content from the old device
Content transfer options for Android to GALAXY includes contacts, calendar, S-Note (S-Memo), text messages, pictures, music, videos, documents, call log, wallpaper, lock screens, alarms, Story Album, Wi-Fi.
For more details and to download the software, please visit 
How awesome is this function?
Transferring of files won't be a pain in the ass and my files will not be lost in the process!
Great, Great, Great phone!
Why are we Samsung users so lucky?
If you haven't gotten your hands on a Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE, feel free to head down to any Samsung store to try. 
Just spend a few minutes exploring it and you will LOVE IT!
 For those who have already decided to make a good change, Samsung currently has these 2 offers!
1. Purchase GALAXY S5 LTE in 16GB with contract
- Free Samsung Gearfit worth $268.
2. Purchase GALAXY S5 LTE in 32GB without contract at selected retailers,CE/IT stores and Samsung experience stores
- FREE 24" Samsung HD LED TV worth $259
What are you waiting for?!
Signing Off
Eric Lim

Simple Organic Beauty


Hello Gorgeous,

Recently, I have been encountering with sensitive skin problems.

Eczema on my forehead, skin rashes on my under nose and overly dry tendancy on my acne area!!!

These are the common signs of sensitive skin and I think it's because of an overly drying benzyol peroxide product that I've have been prescribed(*of course* I've stopped using it soon after)which so happens I'm sensitive to this ingredient!

It's my first time encountering with sensitive skin and it's annoying because I kept going to pharmacy to find a cure but they failed miserably.

Until I've found ... www.puretincture.com 

My friend recommended me to this awesome website that sell organic products and they're so good!

So good that I feel the need to blog about them and introduce to you guys some of their star products!

To be honest, I am someone who are more caution when comes to online shopping (especially when comes to skin care products) which is why I need to go down to the shop physically to try the texture and consult their therapist to know what's best for my skin condition before I decide to buy.

Luckily, Pure Tincture has a clinic in Adelphi (opposite Funan IT Mall) and I'm in love with the service and the wide range of ORGANIC skincare products that cater to sensitive skin.

Here are some photo's that I've taken of the shop:

Simplicity with a touch of nature!
They displayed different organic products from different brands for customers to try.
There will be a consultant around to recommend you what's best for your skin too.
The best part is they are also the local distributor for some of the products!!!
You will never go wrong when you encounter with the distributor because only they will know which products are moving well and of high demand.

Here are my hauls from Pure Tincture!
The consultant recommended me the Suki Pure Range because it caters for people with sensitive skin and acne skin conditions (ME!!).
This range is made from 100% natural, biodynamic & food grade ingredients that are compatible to work with the body’s natural biological processes!!!
Here are two AWARD WINNING PRODUCTS that they highly recommend and I feel the need to share too:

[Suki Pure Transformative Purifying Masque]
This 15 minutes wash off masque helps bring impurities out to clear pores & reduce the appearance of irritations, blemishes, flare-ups, spots, & oily t-zone build-up & helps create the appearance of a balanced healthy complexion (pH, bacteria & sebum).

What I like about this product is that it's absolutely non-drying!!!

I've actually religiously used it 3 times a week after I washed my face!

It's very light in texture (which is best for my current skin condition) and it works like magic! It doesn't give me the concrete feeling which I hate!

It also have an organic lavender scent which I like too (because usually all this wash off masque smell like CEMENT! LOL!!!).
Indeed an award winning product!

[Suki Pure Balancing Day Lotion]
This magical bottle holds the potion to soothing your skin (even in the day when you're at work with full blast air condition gushing to your face or worst heavily polluted working environment! LOL!!!).
It contains Organic Roses (Rosa Centifolia) infused in purified, filtered Water (Aqua), Organic Concentrated Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis), Organic Rose (Rosa Canina), Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia), Calendula (Calendula Officinalis) & Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis) Extracts!!!

This day lotion is 
a lightweight, greaseless inflammation soothing, daily hydrator for all, especially combination to oily. It solves boosts collagen synthesis, calms & soothes irritation & sensitive skin types, fights free radicals, relieves redness & inflammation.

It's formulated for blemish-prone skin & for cell turnover.

I personally love how matte it feels on my skin!

It feels like I've nothing on my 

Very light weight and fast absorbing!

My sensitive area (especially my nose) is less itchy and red!
It's currently SOLD OUT on the website. 
Told you it's good!
Here are 2 of the honourable mentions from the Suki range which I wished to share as well:

[Suki Pure Concentrated Clarifying Toner]
I usually skip my toner because toner seems to be a chore.
Must apply on a cotton wool, wipe on my face and pad it to wait for it to absorb... *phew* *doglife*
However, this toner is absolutely time saving because it comes as a mist form.
Simply spray it over your skin and it absorbs quickly.
This toner contains medicinal grade antioxidant tincture to help strengthen skin layers, hydrate, revive & fortify with a healing proprietary blend of rose, calendula & lavender. powerful standardized pharmaceutical grade shiitake, antioxidants green tea & olive leaf help prevent early signs of aging, protect the complexion by fighting against environmental aggressors & repair past damage while balancing PH level!!

[Suki Pure Purifying Acne Serum]
This product gurantees long-term results without irritations!

It contains patented, stabilized-ingredient technology, TLC salicylic acid™ from white willow & Suki Pure blemish busting complex™ - the first clinically-proven & powerfully potent sustained actives at our deeply-penetrating & high concentrations produce long term clarity - without the peeling, drying side effects of synthetics!!!

I've to agree it works like magic.

Just two drops and it helps to heal the acne area (while not over drying my skin!!).

Tips: Kindly note NOT to be kiasu and apply more then three drops because this product will look shiny on your face if apply too much!

I'm so delighted with my current Suki Pure products!

What I've learned is that skin condition changes with time (who knew I will kana rashes, irritations *all at one goal*, therefore it's always good to 对症下药 !!!

If you're someone who love organic products (like I do), I highly recommend you to visit www.puretincture.com!!


If you have any enquiries, feel free to contact 6337 6411 or you can visit Pure Tincture Boutique located at  The Adephi, 1 Coleman Street, #B1-10 Singapore 179803.

Signing Off
Eric Lim


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One thing I really cannot stand is queuing up for so long and having to double check if there is money in my wallet! 

 I think this is what most of you can’t stand too. Lucky for me, I HAD THE HONOR TO TRY OUT THE NEW MOBILE MONEY SOLUTION APP ... DASH!!! 

Recently rolled out by SingTel and Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), Dash has got rid of this cashless problem in my life.

What is Dash?

Dash consists of three mobile money solutions-- Dash Easy, Dash Advance and Dash Abroad. 

Dash Easy

Dash Easy can be used to pay our friends with simply a swipe to your mobile phone screens. You can also choose from your contact list, and pay at more than 20,000 participating shops & businesses (ranging from taxis to retail shops), which will be rolled out progressively by the end of the year. 

The best part is there are no additional administrative fees for using this service!!!

Currently, Dash’s partners include WingTai Retail, 7-Eleven, ACE Insurance, ComfortDelGro Taxi, Food Republic, KFC, Koi Cafe, Pizza Hut, Prime Taxi, SingTel canteen and lobby cafe, SingTel Shop, SMRT Taxi, Sodexo, Spinelli, and Watsons. 

You can also top up your mCash account from your SCB Savings account and deposit money into your Savings Account from mCash account. 

Dash Advance

Sometimes some of us will end up shopping too much and need to apply for a loan. You can do it here! In 15 mins, you can easily apply online or via the Dash App (which allows easy upload of a picture of your income documents to obtain instant approval from SCB.

Dash Abroad

These days, a lot of Singaporean youngsters love to go to traveling to countries such as Taiwan for street food and Thailand for cheap clothes. Sometimes, it is safer that we be abit more kiasu. Dash Abroad is a “create-your-own” travel insurance product (underwritten by ACE Insurance Limited) where users only pay for the cover that they need. 

The basic essentials like flight delays and cancellation, luggage loss and medical coverage are already in the basic plan. You can pick any extra sport, digital or family coverage that you may need!

Basic plans starts as low as $20!! All it takes is a few taps on our mobile phone before we dash abroad!

Q: Does Dash only apply to SingTel users?

The answer is NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Dash service is open to anyone with contracts from any telecommunication group in Singapore, be it whether you are a M1, SingTel or Starhub customer!

I have taken some screenshots (from the App Store) and pictures using my camera to further illustrate how AWESOME Dash is:

How easy life can be with just a few swipes!
Dash users can top up money seamlessly from their savings account to their mobile cash account for instant use!
Users can also pay friends with just a swipe from mobile to mobile

Users can pay their friends with just a swipe from their contact list!
Users can enjoy paying for their shopping or taxi rides through Dash, with no administration fees!

When it comes to Apps, I am always curious!
To satisfy my eagerness to explore Dash, I went to an I.T shop in Wisma Atria to try paying for my loot with Dash!
The photo above shows the money that I've inside my mCash account!

Note: Be sure to look out for THIS signage with the store’s unique counter code!
Do take note that different counter/cash registers have different codes.
The best thing to do is to check with the cashier for the counter code before making your payment!!!
***If the cash register doesn't have a counter code signage (which I highly doubt so), turn on your mobile’s location finding function and it will locate the list of stores nearby that accepts Dash.
Secondly, key in the counter code as shown.

Then click on the counter code and you can do your cash transfer with just one swipe.
(As Dash respects our privacy, they will disable the screenshot function while using the app) 

 I feel paiseh to admit that I forgot to take a picture of the payment receipt (which will specify the amount that had been deducted from your mCash account and prompt back to the users' phone for verification).

If you use it, you will know what I mean! LOL!

To be safe, verify with the cashier again (it's always good to be a little more kiasu...LOL!!!).

What makes Dash unique is the fact that you can use social media to enjoy up to 1% per annum interest on your savings account! How? Start using Dash today and get all your friends to sign up too! When Dash reaches a total of 10,000 #needsanupdate post from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account, all of us will get to enjoy more savings!!!


Update your Wardrobe

That’s not all! 

How about updating your wardrobe for free? 

All you need to do is show how you can update your wardrobe instantly by using 1 staple piece to create 3 looks! Tag a friend whose wardrobe #NeedsAnUpdate or comment on why your wardrobe needs an update!

Winners for both female & male categories get to win a $200 makeover at Topshop/ Topmen!!

Excited? Here are some dates to take note of;):

7 July-11 July: Lookbook contest (female)

14 July-18 July: Lookbook contest (Male)

25-27July: Winners go on a paid shopping trip at Topshop

30-31 July: Winners will be featured!

For more information on Dash, you can log on to:

Facebook: facebook.com/DashSingapore

YouTube:  DashSingapore

Hurry! Sign up and be a satisfied Dash user like me!

Signing Off
Eric Lim