Fillers@ Trinity Medical Centre



One word to describe my fillers experience with Dr Lim from Trinity Medical Centre.

I was a training subject back in November 2014 last year. 

Why did I decide to do fillers?

Many of my friends have a certain type of misconception about fillers (thinking that only people who aged need to do fillers) and were not very supportive of my decision.

However, I know at the back of my mind that fillers will help me GREATLY with plumping up my irregular skin surface.

I have a history of popping my pimples and visiting those neighbourhood facial aunties (who practice damn hardcore squeezing) to treat my acne problem (as aesthetic clinic was not as well-sorted then) which cause me to have deep scarring on my face which ultimately led to the "dents" on my cheeks as well.

In addition, my skin condition (up till today) falls on the normal-to-oily category and it aggravates me further to use excessive skin drying acne treating skin care range which also led me to having nasolabial folds too.

As my skin starts to decrease in density and elasticity over the years (which reflects SIGNIFICANTLY on my face especially my cheeks), filler is one of my "solution" to return, add, shape and define  my features.

My thin lips are also one of my "sian" features. 

I can't give you a solid explanation on why I chose to do fillers on my lips as well BUT I'm glad I did it because my lips look MUCH FULLER (not to the point of looking like Angelina Jolie but it's strangely sexy) and the best part is I don't have to pout my lips while taking pictures! LOL!

What fillers did Dr Lim used?

Restylane is the brand of the filler that Dr Lim chose to use on me. 

There many types of Restylane, but Dr Lim uses Restylane Perlane on my cheeks and Restylane Vital Light on my lips.

Why Restylane Perlane on my cheeks?

Restylane Perlane are injectable gels made from a natural, non-animal derived hyaluronic acid—since it is not derived from animal products, there is very little chance of the body rejecting the product or experiencing an allergic reaction. 

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule, occurring naturally in the body, which is used to restore volume and fullness to the skin. The results of these products are natural, immediate and long lasting. 

Restylane and Perlane works well to fight the nasal labial fold!

Why Restylane Vital Light on my lips?

Restylane Vital Light has been designed for use on more delicate skin, particularly around the eyes, lips, neck and décolletage, and can also be used to improve overall skin condition and textureas well. 

I heard from some of my friends that are pro-fillers that Restylane last longer than other fillers in the market.

True to be told, I can't give you the best answer whether Restylane last longer BUT I can assure you that it's SAFE.

The process?

Firstly,  a numbing cream is applied and then Dr Lim will subsequently inject the fillers into my dermis at different depths depending on the type used.

It really doesn’t hurt at all. 

I admittedly have a fairly high pain threshold but the injections feel similar to a needle prick.

Although there’s some “weirdness” while the cannula is being manipulated under the skin but I really only feel this around the mouth area

The aftercare?

It is recommended to to sleep on my back for a week to 10 days to make sure the fillers aren’t “squashed” out of shape or pushed into the wrong area.
Yes, there is some bruising. The amount differs between skin types and if you have a tendency to bruise easily please make sure you let the doctor know in advance. 
It is also recommended to refrain from taking any aspirin-based medications as these thin the blood and can lead to the bursting of blood vessels in the skin when the fillers are injected.
Within a week all my bruising had GONE!
I'm happy that I did my fillers by Dr Lim because I admire his details in crafting the human feature. 
The best part is he can pin out my flaws and tell me where he will be injecting the fillers which will give me the results that I want.
It's like paying an artist who is good at his artwork, just that the canvas is my face! LOL!
Here are some photos that I've taken during my filler procedure with Dr Lim:

Here are some #selfie that I've taken 7 days after my fillers:

The price still depends on what results you want to achieve.

Let's all work together to look better and feel better!

Signing Off
Eric Lim

What Exactly Happened



I guessed everyone who is reading this already knows what happened. Basically because my name was pulled into a crossfire between two parties, I feel the need to share my side of the story.

I'm not here to judge who's right or wrong. All I'm asking for is objectivity and open-mindedness from each and everyone of you to be able to tell what's right from wrong, and not be blinded by a one-sided story. I've no hard feelings for anyone who doesn't want to make a stand, or chooses to be a neutral party. I just hope that you guys would bother listening to both sides of the story, objectively, before jumping the gun.  

2011 - How it all started 

It was in the year of 2011, I was introduced to this social media (blogging) industry by my then best friend, Yutaki. Back then, the industry was very raw, there were only a handful of clients (that I was aware of) who were interested to try social media influencers (aka bloggers) out. Competition amongst the influencers were much more interesting and healthier, cause no one was being judged because of the agency they were aligned with... everyone was keen on being friends with one another.  

It was during the same year, that I got introduced to Althea via an open interview I took on with Clicknetwork. Following which, Gillian (from Clicknetwork) kindly introduced me to Althea hoping it would help me open up doors to online advertising and so it did! 

(Source : Xiaxue) 

The email screen grab (as shown above) was what I received from Althea back then, but read the highlighted statements again. Althea merely asked me not to write my advertorial LIKE an ad. I took this to mean: soft-sell, subtle, NOT pushy. Nowhere in the email she sent me advised or ordered me to MASK my advertorial for them. 

I was more than willing to do it, because the industry was raw, exciting and filled with positive energy. There weren't any laws around/ on astroturfing in Singapore. Of course, I agree that it's unethical for online influencers to cheat consumers on paid advertisements for brands, products and/or services we're not keen on. But what about the brands, products and/or services we like or even love? Isn't it a blessing in disguise if you get paid to talk and share about something you personally love? With that being said, I also believed why advertisers would choose to engage influencers on social media rather than TV commercials and print ads. It's the same reason why we choose to buy into word-of-mouth marketing from reliable sources, and reading reviews/feedback on forums.   

Astroturfing x Ethnics 

As quoted by Wendy in her blog post...

(Source : Xiaxue)

Instead of coming after me for something that happened more than 3 years ago, why doesn't she for once apply her rules to the people around her? Or are the people close to her safe from these "laws" she set?

Please see below to understand what I'm referring to... Both Wendy's friends, Sophie Willocq and Hong Qiu Ting were also part of the event I got engaged by Althea/ Barnett for. The image below was grabbed on Sophie's blog, and you may click on the link below to read it. Correct me if I'm wrong but I see no ad disclaimer or even "an honest 'sponsored post'"? Is that too much to ask for? > 

The fact is, we can spend all day, all week, or even all year, digging out dirt on each other and assuming the worst. But I believe Sophie didn't deliberately mask this ad, but she was merely told to write in a non-ad fashion. If Wendy is gonna come down so harsh on the Gushcloud bloggers, why doesn't this apply across the board to the Nuffnang ones as well?

The Fall out

I know a lot of you have been trying to find out what exactly happened between Kay Kay and Wendy, or rather, Kay Kay, myself and Wendy. All I can say is... things simply turned sour over perspectives, (personal) demands and expectations. We parted on a sour note, but no, I'm not going over exploit our past because a part of me will always remember and cherish the good times we once shared. I only wish things didn't snowball to what they have become today. 

With regards to the email "leak", I could only blame myself for being too naive to trust the friends we made in the industry. I trusted Miyake and shared the email with her, because I meant good and actually introduced her to Barnett for this gig back then. And she took it and used it against me and let Wendy take it out of context. This showcases what betrayal looks and feels like. 

Inflating Statistics 

If you don't already know, ever since I started blogging... did my first advertorial and realised first hand how easy it was to earn a quick buck... I was already h-o-o-k-e-d. Sorry, but I will not be disclosing the figures I took home during my first few engagements. Just know that it was quite a substantial amount to me, for me to consider doing this full time. 

I remember going home with my first pay cheque, feeling SO happy and proud of myself. The plus point was that compared to previous sales jobs I did, I didn't have to stand under the hot sun or get dressed or put make-up haha. I could just do my posts in the comfort of my home at any time I wanted!

When I started blogging in 2011, my stats were mediocre... hitting about 1000 on a daily basis. 

[screen grab from my google analytics]
When I just started blogging...

[screen grab from my google analytics]
When I just started blogging...
[screen grab from google analytics]
Months before I enlist to army...

This continued healthily all the way until I had to serve the army... When I was in NS, the blogging industry became more challenging, with the expected content, language and profile standards increasing. 

And because NS doesn't allow moonlighting, army was my whole life. Also, Instagram took over the world and mine too. It became really popular and it was my favourite go-to platform for updates as it's so convenient. Besides, army didn't allow for me to do much more than that. As such, my blog was naturally neglected.

During my 2 years in army, I had a lot of time to rethink my options and reassess my priorities. I had a lot of aspirations and goals and I contemplated if blogging was really what I wanted to focus on seriously. At this point, I really stopped blogging for a while. I was so tired from camp I didn't have the time to even check on my blog stats. Honestly, I didn't really care either at that time.

It was in March 2014, during my NS, that Wendy emailed me under the alias of the blogshop "Whims and Fancy. I didn't think much of it then and gave her my then blog stats. I had nothing to hide what. She then took those stats and juxtaposed them against the dated one in the Gushcloud's bloggers profile(shown above). I feel she took advantage of the situation and took things out of context to prove her argument that Gushcloud inflates our numbers, which it isn't true.

Present Day

I literally watched Gushcloud bloomed from its humble beginnings, and witnessed the increase in rivalry between Gushcloud and Nuffnang. One thing for sure, we were always told and taught to remain cordial to rivalling influencers on social media and during events. As such, you can hardly find any hate/ nasty comments from the Gushcloud community towards Nuffnang or its community on public platforms. When shit like this happens, obviously we are angry and feel maligned. But I'm really proud that we don't take our ugly drama online.

I definitely feel like I've grown to become much more mature. With this saga, I truly understand the meaning behind Martin Luther King Jr's quote: 

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." 

I hope the quote above will inspire all of you to start 2015 on a fresh page too (including all the haters, from the tallest to the shortest =p). 

Hope this post shed some light.

I wish you all Merry Christmas!


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Hi Gorgeous,

It's been awhile since I last updated my blog.

Finally, I have time to blog about my recent skincare obsession.

I've been reading many rave reviews from magazines and influencers on social media about IDS clinic.

I've decided to book myself an appointment to visit their clinic for a consultation.

Actually, it's not my first visit to the clinic.

They extended their invitation to Kay Kay for their opening and I decided to tail along.

Back then I was not really taking care of my skin.

I was really busy with camp and I can't find time to look for myself a proper skincare products.

At most, I would just be using some acne products that I've purchased from the pharmacy.

My pimples did subside a little, however I start to notice that my skin is getting very dehydrated, dull and uneven skin tone are starting to surface as well.

I have this problem with uneven skin tone since my teenage years.

It's very irritating because I know my pimples are subsiding however it's all this uneven skin tone or darkening of the pimples that made my face seemed "dirty".

That's my main concern that I've voiced out to Dr Tan when I visited him for the first time for a consultation.

He actually explained to me the reason why I'm facing this is because I don't have the habit of applying sunblock.

So it's best to start now or else the darkening of my pimples will turn into dark spots/pigmentation (which will add up to more skin problems in the future).

After a few months of religiously applying the results, I can say that there were visible improvements on my skin.

See the picture below:

Photo taken by IDS Facial Scanner Customised by Dr Tan
As you can see from the frontal photo of this picture, there are significant dark spots and blemishes and my forehead, cheeks and chin.

Photo taken by IDS Facial Scanner Customised by Dr Tan

Photo taken by IDS Facial Scanner Customised by Dr Tan
Existing acne on the right side of my face as well.

Less significant dark spots and blemishes on my forehead and chin.


Existing acne are less inflammtory and swollen. 
Below are the products that Dr Tan had prescribed to me:

from left to right
(Purifying Toner, C+ Multi Tasking Age Fighter, Illuminating Complex, Suncreen SPF50)
C+ Multi Tasking Age Fighter
Tackle on wrinkles, loss of firmness, patchy skin tone, dark spots and even acne.
Using Nanospheres, Vitamin C and E deep are penetrated deep into the skin.
What I like about this product is the high concentration of Vitamin C and E.
Vitamin C is known for providing superior antioxidant and collagen boosting benefits as well as skin lightening effects.
Vitamin E is known for skin repair and soothing.
Most importantly this product targets on my current skin concern as it can be used as an acne fighter by reducing inflammatory lesions and lightening acne scars through its melanin-surpressive effects!

I was advised to use this product after my purifying toner.
The texture of this product is very water-like.
It absorbs quickly into the skin and my face don't feel sticky at all.

Illuminating Complex
An anti dark spot treatment which uses multiple bio-peptides to visibly lighten skin tone and hyper pigmentation in just a short period.
Does not contain any harsh ingredient that will cause down side to the skin.

this product is to be used after my C+.
The texture is slightly concentrated like and creamier.
However it absorbs significantly well after my C+ but I will recommend all of you just pump a few drops will do.
Sunscreen SPF 50 Non-Tinted
A non-chemical sunscreen lotion that boasts special titanium dioxide parcels of a specific size. Not only will it helps to block infrared radiation, it will keep skin surface temperature stable even upon sun exposure. It also contains Vitamin C that help to boost the skin antioxidant.
This sunscreen also comes in tinted for colour coverage.
Texture is water like based and spreads evenly.
4 simple products to obtaining better skin condition!

Good deal lei! LOL!

With that said, different skin different prescription.

But I at least I came to realisation of the importance (and the difference it made) to using sunblock.

Speaking of sunblock, I also tried this super awesome oral skin supplements from IDS that help to lighten the skin and boost the sin natural antioxidant:
Lyco White Oral Skin Supplement
contains 1000mg of Lycoperscium (Tomato extract) which is apparently the highest in the market to block out the sun and boosts the skin natural anti-oxidant.
Take 3 pills a day before/after food for optimal effect.
Very grateful to Dr Tan for educating me on my skin.

He's actually a really knowledgable and experienced doctor.

Do ask him questions on your skin if you visit his clinic.

You can call IDS Clinic to book yourself an appointment to see Dr Tan and his awesome team of doctors.

8 Sinaran Drive, #05-07 to #05-10, Novena Specialist Center, Singapore 307470
Tel: +65 6568 3555

I will continue to update my blog on the progress of my skin as well.

Thank you for reading.


Signing Off


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Hello Gorgeous,

Do you believe this?

Having a phone which has the BEST CAMERA FEATURES in the market right now.

Not only that, the smartphone has 5inch touchscreen which comes with a full high definition resolution ( a pixel resolution of 1080 x 1920 ) to enchance your user experience.

The smartphone is light weight, has a slim outlook ( convenient for busy working individuals ) and a rounded metal edge.

The smartphone comes with 4G support for a range of networks, and also adds in GPRS and HSDPA for areas where 4G cannot reach. 

Lastly, the smartphone is completely WATERPROOF!!!

 That means that the more adventurous among us will be able to drop it in a puddle of water, make calls in the rain and even take it to the shower (the reasons need not be specified LOL !!! )


Introducing the new 
SONY Xperia Z1

Having a curious mind for IT gadget ( and what's latest in the market ), I love to watch IT gadget youtube videos and update myself what's happening in the market right now.

I must be honest.

I was absolutely SOLD by this wonderful android angel.

Being a blogger, it's our duty to try to equip ourselves with cameras and smartphones wherever we go.
Sometime it can be a hassle.

Imagine attending events and client highlight the need to capture a good picture of their product, we ( bloggers ) usually will have to snap the picture with our cameras ( as we have different camera lens for different needs ) and transfer it to our phone to upload to our social media platform.

That really takes up so much time!!!

But after reading the camera specifications and features from Xperia Z1, I was completely excited to try out and explore what wonderful photography opportunities I have.


Let's start with the front facing camera!!!

Xperia Z1 features a 2-megapixel front facing camera!!!

The image and video quality is above average and the ability to stream and record 1080p video at 30fps( framers per second ) is IMPRESSIVE if you are planning to use it for video conversations as well!!!


Now we move on to the back camera !!!

While most cameraphones offer 8MP or 13MP sensors, Xperia Z1 
changes the game by shooting up to 20.7MP!!!

Expect a ultra high resolution images captured from this smartphone!!!

The sensor enables higher sensitivity that decreases noise to ensure smooth, clear reproduction, reproducing every stunning detail with greater fidelity!!!

The Award winning Sony’s G Lens has superior in-focus image qualities. In addition to sharpness, another characteristic is the light gathering capability. The Xperia Z1 has a 27mm wide angle lens with bright F2.0, allowing the lens to capture more light in dark conditions!!!
Just me trying out the manual BRIGHTENING MODE !!!

Continue reading I will elaborate this wonderful mode which I find helpful for daily camwhores like us !!! LOL !!!

Let's move on to more in depth details of the camera features:


The Xperia Z1's camera manual mode offers different scene selection modes, and the option to choose the resolution.

The scenes also include anti-motion blur and backlight correction HDR. 

Resolution :
Users can choose their desired resolution for their images ( 20MP, 8MP,3MP, 2MP )

Self Timer:
 Users can select their desired self timer ( 10 secs or 2 secs )

Smile Shutter: Camera can detect your smile and capture your photo without you clicking on it!!! ( you can choose big smile, average smile or small smile )
Focus mode:
 Different focus mode for users to choose ( single autofocus, multi autofocus, face detection, touch focus or object tracking )
 Users can choose to further enhance your image resolution by setting your HDR mode on.

 Users can select their preferred ISO images ( Auto, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 )

 Users can set their metering ( center, average or spot ).

Image Stabilizer: Stabilize your results while capturing your image ( by turning the stabilizer on ).
Users can preview their images before saving.

Face registration: Camera can detect the faces of your friends!!!
This is my personal favorite part of the camera feature.
Adjusting the brightness of my camera!!!
I hate when I'm stuck in situations whereby the lighting are very bad.
Lighting is very important !!!
The photos will turned out unflattering if the lighting is bad.
This smartphone angel is so awesome that it enables me to adjust the brightness of my camera!!!
If you're not the daring kind to manual adjust your camera, you can select the scene selection.
Scene selection enable you to choose your desired scene for different occasion!!!

If you're not the daring kind to manual adjust your camera, you can select the scene selection.
Scene selection enable you to choose your desired scene for different occasion!!!

This awesome camera will take 61 photos in just two seconds.
30 shots are taken from the second before you press the shutter button and 30 are taken the second after, with one being captured at the exact moment you hit the button.

This means even if you just missed the shot you were after, you can wind back your photos to find the perfect moment.


Because it takes so many photos so quickly, and lets you wind back to before you actually pressed the button to take a shot, you can really pinpoint the moment you wanted.

Maybe you were watching football and wanted to get the exact moment the ball hit the net.

Impossible with a normal camera, but the Z1's software makes that easy.

Perhaps you're on a night out and no one can stand still for longer than a split second.

No problem. The huge sensor on the Z1's camera is perfect for dark nightclubs.

And by using Timeshift burst, you'll get a selection of shots so at least one will be fine for social networking!!!
9 Creative picture effects for you to choose from !!!

Here are the effects available!!!
It's instant filtering if you're lazy to load it into another app to edit your photos!!!

Take a panoramic photo by sweeping your camera !!!
Another interesting camera features that Xpera z1 provides,
the AR effect !!!

Users can take photos with virtual scenes and characters!!!

How amazing is this!!!

You can tell from this picture but I have choose " Funky Disco " effect.
It actually has disco lights spinning around in virtual!!!

OK another one.
I have chosen the " Dinosaur " effect.
Real virtual dinosaurs crawling around my house!!!
This is so fun!!! HAHA.

Find more information about what you see in the viewfinder!
Which means this feature gives you info on things you point the camera at!!!How smart can this smartphone be!!!

It's damn cool!!!



Social Live is a feature of the Sony Xperia Z1 camera that can stream video live to your Facbook page providing you have an active internet connection and are logged into Facebook.
Users can share their experiences live!!!
How cool is this!!!


Social Live is a feature of the Sony Xperia Z1 camera that can stream video live to your Facbook page providing you have an active internet connection and are logged into Facebook.

When in the camera on the Z1, you select Social Live as a shooting mode.  You log into Facebook via an active internet connection on the phone.  You configure the live stream how you want it and share it with the world.  It is quite simple.

There are 2 versions of the social live service.  The first is the basic version which is free and the second is the premium version which costs $2.72 per month ( for Singtel users ).
With Basic Account users get 
  • Up to 10 mins long videos
  • Video stored online for 24 hours
  • Up to 270p video recording resolutions.
  • Ad supported playback

With Premium Account users can enjoy

  • Up to 30 mins long videos
  • Unlimited online storage
  • Up to 360p resolution on live video
  • Ad free playback
[ GREAT NEWS ]On a side note, Singtel is having an EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION for Xperia Z1!!!
If you sign up for Xperia Z1 with Singtel, you can enjoy the following privileges:

1) 3 months of Social Live Premium Account ( worth $8.16 ).

2) Exclusive Justin Timberlake " The 20/20 Experience - The Complete Experience " Part 1 and Part 2 CD album ( other CD shops only start selling on 1st Nov ).

3) For every purchase of Sony z1 from 4th OCT to 6th OCT, 2 lucky winners can stand a chance to catch Justin Timberlake LIVE and experience his exclusive Fly Away " Justin Timberlake 20/20 Concert Las Vegas Concert ".

1st winner will be announced on 17 OCT and 2nd winner will be announced on 7th Nov!!!

Not to forget, Singtel offers a 150Mbps Nationwide 4G network coverage for Singtel 4G users.

Singapore Fastest 4G Network !!!

Now with Xperia Z1, Singtel users can enjoy taking stunning photos, upload instantaneously and share with all your friends.


Final Thoughts On XPERIA Z1

I absolutely love the camera features in this smartphone.
The brightening function, the manual mode, the info eye etc.
The phone that I'm using previously only provides a 8MP *sad*.
 Now with Xperia Z1 20.7 MP, I can have so much fun taking pictures and uploading them to my social media platform with a few clicks.

Not to forget, it's WATERPROOF!!!

I always wanted to own a waterproof phone because it will be so cool to take pictures under water ( especially during snorkeling !!! ).

I will definitely recommend all photography fanatics to go for this awesome smartphone.

Head down to any Singtel store to own a Xperia Z1 now !!!

Signing Off
Eric Lim